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It's always a difficult task choosing someone to capture your special day. We had a clear idea of what I wanted - We wanted someone that not only had the skill, but also the equipment to capture our day with a cinematic feel - something that would stand out from all the other footage that would be captured on the day. Basically make people say 'wow' when they watched it, and given it was a covid wedding allow people that couldn't attend to get a sense of the day.


As soon as we had a chat with Adam we knew he was the right guy - he has a relaxed and personable style, but underpinned with an eye for detail, and the equipment to deliver what we wanted. 


Leading up to the wedding Adam was all over the detail - keeping us informed of when he would be there, making the effort to go through our itinerary and understanding what we were looking for throughout the day.


On the day itself Adam struck a brilliant balance of making sure he was unobtrusively there to capture all of the important details, without ever feeling like it interrupted our day. In fact it was genuinely nice when Adam popped up to capture a moment - as it felt like interacting with just another of our wedding guests - albeit with a very high end camera! 


And so we got the first that point we knew it was going to be special and extended our 15 minute main film to a 20 minute film. 


We've now sat down and watched the 20 minute film. Over and over again. Adam you have immortalised our very special day and allowed us to look back on it, and remember the day as if we're there forever. Which is an incredibly powerful thing. It's not just about the quality of the images - it's the story and the emotions you've captured within. It is absolutely stunning work, and something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Thank you for that.


I work in the creative industry so am used to seeing high end video work - Adam's work really is up there with some of the best i've seen, and to think that it's our wedding that has been captured is incredible! We both feel incredibly fortunate that we picked Adam all those weeks ago. It's an incredibly important decision, and we would implore anyone if you are weighing up a decision between Adam and someone else, go with Adam. You won't regret it. He's given us something priceless. Our wedding. The day. The emotions, the smiles, the tears all condensed into 20 minutes. 


Thank you again Adam,

Gem & Michael



We were thrilled to be asked by Gem & Michael to capture their stunning wedding. The wedding took place at the beautiful Hawkstone Hall in Shropshire on the first day that Covid restrictions had lifted to allow Weddings with 30 guests. Gem & Michael chose our ‘Sequoia Package’ which includes a 15 minute main wedding film (the couple actually chose to extend this by 5 minutes to end up with a 20 minute film), a 5 minute highlight film, full films of the speeches and ceremony and 1 minute trailer film. (20 minute film available to view on request)

You can view our packages here

Contact us here to get a quote for your wedding day! 

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